İrem Arısoy

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Learning goals:

  • Life Skills:

    • learn optimally

    • make time to loved ones when working long hours

    • speak professionally and compact on the phone

    • answer a phone with an unknown number without fear or anxiety

    • speak fluently without many pauses in between words and without thinking on the next word

    • have an engaging conversation easily with people I've seen for the first time

    • speak in front of a crowd

    • take action without overthinking

    • how to say no and stick with it

    • how to prioritize different areas of work

    • how to be self-disciplined

    • self-appreciation

    • healthy eating (portion controls)

    • regular exercise

    • be kinder and more understanding without being a pushover

    • think of next moves

    • be able to share short stories (or work-related written documents that I write) without getting too anxious

    • listen to feedback without fear

  • Work Related:

    • how to close a sale

    • make time for research

    • improve Legal English and Legal German skills

    • write articles for the firm and for the academy

  • Creativity:

    • write short stories in English and in my mother tongue

    • woodworking

    • hair cutting

    • singing (vocal training)

    • learn chord transitions on the piano

    • read notes on f clef and treble clef fluently

  • Nature Related:

    • make different kinds of pickle and jam

    • grow flowers and keep them living

    • recognize different kinds of plants and have knowledge about them

    • be able to survive in the wilderness (the necessary skill set for it)

    • how to camp

    • trekking

    • know my way in the woods

    • recognize local bird species

    • know what plant good for which illness

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