Do you feel like you’re not learning fast enough?

Do you feel like learning a new skill is too hard to do?  

Do you want more motivation, be happier, healthier, and wealthier?


Hi, I’m Danny

I'm a top writer on, writing about Learning, Productivity, Inspiration, Self Improvement, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Life, Life Lessons, Startup, Photography, Travel, and more. My stories have inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

But outside of writing, I'm a Serial Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Photographer, and Constant Learner.

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Last year, I was in the same situation you are in.

Back in September of 2017, I went to live in Cambodia to work remotely on my own startup. During that time, I grew the company from 4 people to 8.

But that’s not all.

In the course of the next 12 months, I also lived in Spain, India, Canada, and now I’m in Colombia. I started 3 businesses, wrote 3 books (with two bigger ones in process), wrote 300+ articles on productivity, learning, life lessons, etc, became a top writer in 16 categories on (including top 1 in Travel and top 3 in Inspiration), became healthier, opened my own coaching program, learned 42 valuable new skills, etc.

Reading that, you may not guess that I’m actually a software engineer by trade, building video games for a living.

What changed? What made it so I would be able to thrive the way I did?

Simple: I became more skilled.

Never did I expect it would have such an impact on my life and the life of the people I coach. Learning new skills has always been an obsession of mine, but where does one find time to even practice new skills, right? Because I didn’t think I had time, I never did anything with my obsession until September 2017.

I woke up one day and decided NOW was the time. After watching Josh Kaufman’s TEDx talk, I was primed to start the adventure that changed my life forever.

Starting on that fateful day, I decided to deliberately learn 3 new skills every month, practicing 30 minutes each skill every day, for a total of 1.5 hours a day.

How did I find the time, you ask?

Well, it was pretty easy for me. I was already doing at least 12 hours of work per day, so taking 1.5 hours out of that was not a big issue.

Regardless, I’ve always been able to help my clients find the time to learn new skills. It turns out that everyone has more time in their hands than they think. The key is to learn things that you’re interested in, in which case skill development becomes a hobby and not a chore.

In the past year alone, I’ve deliberately learned at least 36 new skills. Today, I can help people in many industries I never thought I’d even dream of being able to (like eCommerce and Dropshipping). And all it took was 45 hours of deliberate practice per month.

Think about the following quote:

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”—Robert Greene, Mastery

I could not agree more. And I say that from experience, both my own and that of my clients.

So, I only have one question for you:

Are you ready to SkillUp your Life?

If you answer yes, then let me welcome you to the SkillUp your Life program!

SkillUp your Life is a community of like-minded individuals who aim to change their life around by becoming more skilled. It provides top resources, proven tools & methodologies, report cards, accountability, community and early access to my upcoming book’s content.

what’s included in the program?

  1. Top resources on skill learning. Some of it exclusively from me, but others from top researchers in the field. I’m working with partners to bring more exclusive content specifically for the SkillUp your Life program.

  2. The exact tools I use to track my progress on skills.

  3. The SkillUp daily report card. It’s short and sweet, and more importantly, it works!

  4. Accountability. Everyone in the program has access to everyone’s progress sheets and reports. That means no slacking, but also inspiration from other fellow SkillUppers!

  5. Community. We have a Slack channel where everyone shares their progress, tips on learning specific skills & resources they’ve used in their journey to learning.

  6. Early access to the content of my upcoming book: SkillUp your Life!—Proven Principles to Help You Learn Any skill. When’s the last time you’ll have had your say on an upcoming book?

How do I claim my FREE spot?

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