Do you feel like you’re not learning fast enough?

Do you feel like you could accomplish more in less time?

Do procrastinate and lack accountability?

Do you want to write killer articles that make good money on

Do you want more motivation, be happier, healthier, and wealthier?


Hi, I’m Danny

I'm a top writer on, writing about Learning, Productivity, Inspiration, Self Improvement, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Life, Life Lessons, Startup, Photography, Travel, and more. My stories have inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

But outside of writing, I'm a Serial Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Photographer, and Constant Learner.

Technologist | Polymath | Educator | Entrepreneur | Engineer

In less than a year, I became a top voice on, writing mostly about skill development, productivity, self-awareness and writing.

During that year, I wrote 330 articles and 3 books, connected with top people across different industries, created 4 valuable tools, started an Accountability program, started a Skill Development program, and helped many people write better articles on

As a result of these achievements, I decided to open up some services to help you achieve your own dreams.

  • Become an Accountability Partner with me

  • Medium Story Reviews

  • Coaching Calls (Skill Development and Productivity)

More information on each of these below:

Become an Accountability Partner with me

I’m re-opening my accountability program for new members. The idea is simple: every week you fill out a form detailing what your goals were for the week, what you did towards them, what went right, what went wrong, how can you improve, what your goals are for next week, and what you’re going to do towards them.

I then review the forms and give some feedback by email.

And within each form, you’ll get my week as an example.

Email Address

More information here.

*includes FREE two-week trial Story Reviews

I’ve written over 330 articles on and I’ve come to learn almost all of its secrets. Being still a very active writer, I also always keep up-to-date on the latest best practices to get noticed and make money.

Some of my articles have generated me over $300 per hour spent writing them. One even generated me over $2000 per hour spent writing it! Here’s a screenshot of money I earned by writing only 1 hour per day in November and December on

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 12.51.35 PM.png

These numbers are not going down either (I wrote a lot less in December).

Anyway, I want to help you generate $100+ for some of the articles you write. It’s unrealistic to think that all your articles will perform well. Even if I have articles generating me over $2,000, I still have results like that sometimes:

It’s part of the game.

Nonetheless, I’ve helped people in the past and now I want to open that up to you!

I’ll review an article of your choice to validate its chances of success (criteria being money here). I have a list of over 30 reminders I go through and spend time reflecting on. I will provide a detailed report on how the article should be updated to increase your chances of success.

I cannot guarantee success on the first article, but the principles you’ll have learned in the report really should help you with all your future articles.

Since it’s a new service, I’m testing out the following pricing model:

$20 for articles of 3-6 minutes. $30 for articles of 7-10 minutes. $40 for articles of 11-14 minutes.

Article Size
Email Address
Draft URL (optional)

Oh, and you might be interested in knowing that you actually do NOT need an audience first! Most of the views you get come from people reading other people’s articles. At the bottom of each story, Medium suggests other articles to read. That is what’s most critical. Getting Medium to suggest your articles. And their algorithm’s primary source is not follower count or reputation, it’s what their editors curate.

Coaching Calls (Coming Soon)

I have two main areas of expertise where I’ve coached people in the past: Skill Development and Productivity.

I’ve always done it in “stealth mode” simply because I didn’t find the right platform to use for it, until now!

Once Magnifi releases their Android and Web versions, I’ll start taking calls for 1 block of 1 hour per day. Their model is you get charged by minute. Which means that if you have just a quick question to ask me about Skill Development or Productivity, I can answer you quickly and it doesn’t cost you a large amount of money.

My rate will be $3/minute to start with.

You don’t even have to schedule a call. If I’m available, you can simply call me with your question.

If you do want to schedule a call, that’s possible too, of course. And it can be an hour-long too as needed.

For Skill Development, I can help you with, amongst other things:

  • Finding the right skills to learn

  • Breaking it down into easy to digest chunks

  • Structuring your learnings and progress

  • Find top resources to accelerate your learning

  • Connect you with industry professionals (as much as I can)

  • Finding the right time to stop learning it

  • Techniques to retain information

  • Schedule learning practice

  • and anything else skill-related!

For Productivity, I can help you with, amongst other things:

  • Figuring out exactly what you should focus on

  • Forming good habits

  • Making the most out your 24 hours

  • Creating and maintaining a solid schedule

  • and anything productivity-related!