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Hi, I’m Danny

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Outside of writing, I'm a Serial Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Photographer, and Constant Learner.

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Become an Accountability Partner with me

I’m re-opening my accountability program for new members. The idea is simple: every week you fill out a form detailing what your goals were for the week, what you did towards them, what went right, what went wrong, how can you improve, what your goals are for next week, and what you’re going to do towards them.

I then review the forms and give some feedback by email.

And within each form, you’ll get my week as an example.

Choose your preferred payment frequency:

Accountability Partner - Weekly
6.99 every week
Accountability Partner - Monthly
21.99 every month
Accountability Partner - Yearly
99.99 every 12 months

After subscribing, you’ll get an email from me explaining the process in details. You’ll get your first Accountability form the next Friday at 6pm Eastern Time.